Have you managed to get your products on the shelves of a chain of big box stores by following the recommended advice of our account managers?

Ensuring that your inventory is properly managed and that your sales figures meet the expectations of your retailers are key.

Here’s how our sales and inventory management service can allow you to anticipate and prevent fluctuations in your profits.

Inventory management for sales and distribution in big-box stores
Inventory management for sales and distribution in big-box stores

Sales monitoring

Due to the large volume of production required, the management of stocks for a product distributed in big-box stores requires careful and continuous weekly monitoring.

Generally speaking, inventory management consists in ensuring that the product performs well and that it corresponds to what buyers are looking for.

In the event that initial success is not attained, the AE Connexion’s team specializing in market development will try to to identify gaps and will suggest informed logistical and promotional recommendations.

In addition, thanks to regular warehouse visits, we are also able to anticipate stock shortages and, if necessary, send order reminders to your buyer adjust accordingly.

Management of demonstration schedules in big-box stores

Among promotional incentives that relate to sales management, in-store demonstration is a great way for your products to gain visibility.

By combining our knowledge of the market with our anticipation of trends in the food, health, beauty and durable goods sectors, we are able to develop in-store demonstration schedules that adjust to seasonal products.

From the selection of demonstration sites to the product presentation management, AE Connexion provides professional support throughout the process.

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