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Development or market release: we are here to help you!

You are an importer or producer, particularly in the food sector, and you wish to achieve your market release objectives? We have the solution for you! We can support you in achieving your development and market release objectives.

Our goal: to give better visibility for your products.

Why choose us?

  • To benefit from a personalized service
  • To count on a foolproof experience
  • To rely on a trusted company, with an excellent reputation
  • To benefit from solid business relationships with established partners, especially in the food industry

Market analysis – Big-box stores

You have a product that has already proven itself in the retail market and you wish to make the leap into big-box retail? It is essential to understand the commercial territory where you are about to invest in.

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Inventory management for sales and distribution in big-box stores

Have you managed to get your products on the shelves of a chain of big box stores by following the precious advice of our account managers?

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Even for the most seasoned of entrepreneurs, marketing a product in big-box stores can be a fairly complex exercise to perform.

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Merchandising for the sale of products in big-box stores

Generally, a product has only 5 to 10 seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. In a “warehouse” type big-box store, there is no need to say that these few moments of reflection are highly disputed between several products.

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Organization of special events

Thanks to our commercial flair and our experience in developing promotional tours in big-box stores, we are ready to organize special events in order to promote your products in the short or longer term.

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Organization of special events

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