In most instances, a product has only 5 to 10 seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. In a “warehousetype big-box store, suffice to say that these few moments of reflection are highly disputed between several products.

To avoid seeing your profits soar due to insufficient visibility, our sales team is ready to assist you in coordinating a thoughtful merchandising strategy.

Merchandising for the sale of products in big-box stores
Market analysis – Big-box stores

Marketing research and product analysis

Before choosing the most appropriate merchandising tactics for your items, we use our expertise in marketing research and market analysis.

Among other things, this allows us to determine whether:

  •  the adequate characteristics of the product are put forward
  •  you are currently carrying on the right product ranges
  •  your price range corresponds to that of your direct competitors
  •  the display currently used allows maximize product exposure

Configuration of product presentation logistics

Being in close collaboration with a chain of big-box stores for several years, the sales coordinators at AE Connexion know how to work together with retailers in order to showcase your products.

Our results-oriented approach guides us in selecting the best locations and seasons to reconfigure your product offering.

True partners in success for companies wishing to review their merchandising offensive in big-box stores, we also look into shipping and supply logistics.

Follow-ups and warehouse demonstrations

In order to allow you to remain competitive, our sales representatives carry out regular follow-ups with your buyer.

This allows us to remain attentive to fluctuations in demand and, if necessary, to offer you suitable marketing strategies such as demonstrations in warehouses and the organization of special events.

Need an expert hand to coordinate your merchandising efforts in the big-box stores?

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